Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast

selective focus photography of a red rose

Beloved, the darkness we see and hear all around us will not soon (if ever) dissipate, and yet there is a pure light shining into the darkness right now. At a time when the depths of depravity to which humanity can fall are so dramatically on display, the radiance of the grace filled humanity of Saint Mary the Virgin shines out even more magnificently, cutting through the darkness of sin and offering a beacon of hope.

Like Living Stones

As the Christian Church in America continues to slide into precipitous decline: It is no longer about your way or my way. It is about the LORD God Almighty’s way: God's “living stones,” interlocked, with love – God's love of us, our love of God, and our love of one another – binding us together with cords that cannot be broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).