We are an independent Christian congregation grounded in the Anglican tradition, celebrating the Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 5PM

Mark your calendar! Our Christmas Eve service is 12/24 at 5PM. (There is no service on Christmas Day)

Join us for Christ-centered worship and trusted teaching that speaks the Truth to a changing culture.

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We Are His People and the Sheep of His Pasture

The Eucharistic Celebration is the greatest and highest act of prayer. In fact, this “knowing” and “being known” in Christ and, through him, in the Holy Trinity, is none other than the most true and deep reality of prayer. The disciple who prays much, and who prays well, is progressively drawn out of him or herself and is evermore united to Jesus the Good Shepherd, he who is the selfless servant of the brethren.

Queen Elizabeth II, Defender of the Faith

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, we lose one of the final links in the chain of history which binds us to the storied history and tradition, and indeed the greatness of Western Civilization, blessed by God and founded on Judeo-Christian principles, to which we owe nearly every comfort and luxury which we enjoy today.

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What We Are For

Now is the time for us with a new vigor to marshal our gifts and talents for the glory of God. We must stand up for “Biblical Truth and Church Tradition.” For if souls are not worth saving, then nothing is. That is WHAT WE ARE FOR.

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Standing firm on Biblical Truth and Church Tradition