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Small Church, Big God

This is not season for discouragement, but season for hope, a season for optimism. We are not alone; we are accompanied by the Triune God and all the heavenly host, as well as all the angels and saints praying for us in heaven and working beside us here on earth. The harvest is ripe, brothers…

No Turning Back

Eighty men accepted a mission to launch from an aircraft carrier deck, knowing they could not return to the ship. This is the same fortitude it takes to choose to follow Jesus.

O Happy Fault!

Beloved, the victory that Christ won over sin has given us greater blessings than those which sin had taken away from us. Let Lent be a reminder to us that there is a much higher purpose that exists beyond our mortal pain, as we march on to the joy of our Easter Vigil in this…

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Learning About All Things Orthodoxy, Part 1 | Ep. #6 Lively Faith

In this episode, Cory talks about all things Orthodoxy and clears up some common misconceptions about Orthodox Christianity. We also learn about beards, architecture, icons, theological differences between East and West, and how different traditions can find unity.(Please excuse our technical difficulties in this episode!)LET'S STAY IN TOUCH! JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST: Sign Up// CHAPTERS //00:00 – Introduction02:00 – What is a Subdeacon?03:40 – What is a tonsure?06:00 – Explaining the different Orthodox Patriarchates08:00 – Bishops, Priests, and Deacons09:40 – Why many Orthodox have beards12:30 – The importance of not hiding as a Christian14:00 – Cassocks & collars in the Anglican tradition16:00 – Priestly garments are not for personal expression19:00 – Explaining “cage stage” Calvinism20:25 – Beards as a sign of masculinity21:55 – What drew Cory to Orthodoxy25:00 – Emphasis on the Incarnation vs. Atonement27:52 – Historical relations between Anglicanism and Orthodoxy31:00 – The importance of ecumenical dialogue35:42 – Understanding the role of icons39:30 – Explaining the icon screen41:00 – God tells us that “matter matters”41:50 – The process of making (writing) icons43:50 – Cultural prejudice against icons46:00 – How architecture reflects theology47:50 – The incredible importance of the Incarnation48:50 – “The glory of God is a man truly alive”// LINKS //SUBCRIBE to this podcast: Listen to Lively Faith VISIT the Lively Faith Website: Lively Faith website SUBSCRIBE to the Lively Faith YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@livelyfaithCONTACT US: livelyfaithpodcast@gmail.comCopyright 2022 Lively Faith & the Rev. Nathan Stomberg #LivelyFaith #Podcasts #Listenable
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