We are an independent Christian congregation grounded in the Anglican tradition, celebrating the Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 5PM

Find us at Rocky Hill Grange (East Greenwich, RI; Bottom floor) and Live on YouTube

Join us for Christ-centered worship and trusted teaching that cuts against the grain of woke culture.

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What We Are For

Now is the time for us with a new vigor to marshal our gifts and talents for the glory of God. We must stand up for “Biblical Truth and Church Tradition.” For if souls are not worth saving, then nothing is. That is WHAT WE ARE FOR.

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Let Us Raise a Standard

Not only do we, as followers of Christ, raise up Scripture as a standard, but we raise up Christ himself. We must be like Peter with his confession (Matthew 16:14-16). We must proclaim who Jesus is, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

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Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy

From the Holy Eucharist, the Ascended Christ is truly present among his adopted children and working in and through them in the power of the Holy Spirit. And in all her generations through twenty centuries, the Church Catholic — despite the limitations and sinful errors of her clergy and laity alike — she remains THE divine institution created and guided by the Almighty himself to spread the Good News of salvation in Christ throughout the world.

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Standing firm on Biblical Truth and Church Tradition