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Eyewitnesses of Christ’s Majesty

Disquietude is not a word we hear every day. It refers to a state of anxiety or uneasiness. Understood this way, we pray for eyes of Faith to behold the Transfigured Christ, in light eternal, to transport us from the anxieties and trials of our daily lives, the darkness of our temporal world.

Small Church, Big God

This is not season for discouragement, but season for hope, a season for optimism. We are not alone; we are accompanied by the Triune God and all the heavenly host, as well as all the angels and saints praying for us in heaven and working beside us here on earth. The harvest is ripe, brothers…

No Turning Back

Eighty men accepted a mission to launch from an aircraft carrier deck, knowing they could not return to the ship. This is the same fortitude it takes to choose to follow Jesus.

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Spiritual Formation and the Future of Ministry | Ep. #9 Lively Faith

Get to know the hosts! In this episode, the Rev. Nathan Stomberg and the Rev. Mark Galloway share their personal backgrounds and how they came to faith in Jesus Christ. They also discuss how Christian life and ministry has changed over the last 50 years, and what the future looks like for the next generation of pastors.LET'S STAY IN TOUCH! JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST: Sign Up// CHAPTERS //00:00 – Intro02:00 – Growing up in 1960’s Exeter05:00 – Trailer homes and one-room schoolhouses07:00 – The sociology of rural mid-century RI11:00 – Growing up Catholic16:10 – Growing up poor18:15 – Mark’s childhood24:00 – Demographic transformation of Exeter25:00 – Mark’s spiritual formation26:40 – Mark’s high school experience32:00 – An existential crisis35:00 – Joining the Anglican tradition36:00 – What drove Mark to go into ministry40:30 – Starting out as an Episcopal priest43:50 – Working at different churches45:34 – Growing up in middle-class West Greenwich48:59 – Nathan’s spiritual formation51:50 – Focus on academic achievement and identity57:50 – Graduating valedictorian58:30 – Going to WPI59:30 – Getting into cross-country and track01:04:00 – Spiritual maturation and the Rite of Confirmation01:07:00 – Christian Bible Fellowship at WPI01:10:00 – Nathan’s denominational journey to Anglicanism01:12:00 – Planting Holy Communion and getting ordained01:15:00 – Preparing for ordained ministry without seminary01:17:55 – Future reality of church ministry01:19:58 – The paradox of ordained ministry01:23:00 – Christians need to be more joyful01:24:50 – The wonder of God’s providence01:27:00 – The future of Christian ministry// LINKS //SUBCRIBE to this podcast: Listen to Lively Faith VISIT the Lively Faith Website: Lively Faith website SUBSCRIBE to the Lively Faith YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@livelyfaithCONTACT US: livelyfaithpodcast@gmail.comCopyright 2022 Lively Faith & the Rev. Nathan Stomberg #LivelyFaith #Podcasts #Listenable #Christianity
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