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The LORD Sees Not as We See

We may not be able to see all which God is doing to redeem our present difficulties, but we can see His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, standing before us, ready to sustain us, and asking, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” My dear brothers and sisters, we have seen Him; He is…

An Invitation to a Holy Lent

Since the days of the Early Church, the season of Lent provided a time when converts to the Faith were prepared for Holy Baptism; when those who were separated from the Body of the Faithful were reconciled by penitence and forgiveness and restored to the Church; and all Christians reminded of their need to renew…

A New Commandment I Give You

Jesus’ merciful love, manifested in his washing of the Apostles’ feet, as Benedict XVI has written, is the “basin in which he cleanses us.” This need to be completely dependent on Jesus’ mercy and love is meant to be continued in the life of the Church Catholic, Christ’s Body on earth, as sacrament and example,…

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The Great Tradition & Remembering Pope Benedict | Ep. #5 Lively Faith

In this episode, we explore the concept of the Great Tradition of the Church, examine where Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox believers can find common ground, we remember the life and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, discuss the future of the Catholic Church, reflect on our need for moral courage, and much more.LET'S STAY IN TOUCH! JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST: Sign Up// CHAPTERS //00:00 – Introduction01:44 – Defining ‘The Great Tradition’03:37 – Where Orthodoxy fits in06:33 – Bringing Protestantism, Catholicism, & Orthodoxy together08:55 – The difference between “Tradition” and “tradition”11:19 – The four-legged stool of the undivided Church14:19 – Evangelicals reclaiming historic Church Tradition17:48 – The dangers of being apart from historic Church Tradition19:14 – How Anglicanism treats Church Tradition21:13 – Discussing the role of historic Church Councils24:00 – Including Protestantism in the conversation25:22 – The centrality of liturgy27:48 – Why liturgy attracts people to the Faith29:27 – Comparing Lutheranism and Anglicanism32:14 – Why younger people desire the liturgy35:50 – Single, young men are attracted to Orthodoxy37:05 – Masculine and feminine Church Traditions40:22 – Cultural opposition as a unifying force44:47 – BREAK45:17 – Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy48:20 – Ratzinger’s towering intellect52:40 – Cory’s perspective on Ratzinger’s work58:31 – Ratzinger didn’t want to be Pope01:00:18 – Benedict’s skill in speaking with non-Catholics01:02:08 – When Benedict met Queen Elizabeth01:05:20 – The media’s unfair portrayal of Ratzinger01:07:10 – The Regensburg Address01:08:11 – Ratzinger’s ability to speak hard truths01:13:19 – What comes next from Pope Francis?01:19:39 – Nathan’s perspective on Benedict’s passing1:22:29 – Not teaching moral courage to our children1:23:48 – The state of parochial schools in RI 1:26:45 – Conclusion // REFERENCES //What Benedict Saw | Robert P. Imbelli | First ThingsBenedict’s Burial Leaves Francis Alone, and Unbound (NY Times)Evangelicals and the Great Tradition by Timothy George | Articles | First Things// LINKS //SUBCRIBE to this podcast: Listen to Lively Faith VISIT the Lively Faith Website: Lively Faith website SUBSCRIBE to the Lively Faith YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@livelyfaithCONTACT US: livelyfaithpodcast@gmail.comCopyright 2022 Lively Faith & the Rev. Nathan Stomberg #LivelyFaith #Podcasts #Listenable
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