Meet Our Leadership


The Reverend Nathan Stomberg, Rector

The Reverend Nathan Stomberg is the Rector of Holy Communion Anglican Church. He has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, works as a process engineer, and is a loving husband and an avid distance runner.

The Reverend Mark R. Galloway, Bishop-retired

The Rev. Mark R. Galloway (BA, ThM, MA, STM) (Bishop-retired) is an Elder at Holy Communion Anglican Church. He voluntarily serves in his capacity as Bishop (episkopos), assisting the Rector in pastoral ministry. Mark is a loving husband, father of three grown children and grandfather to three grandchildren, and loves distance running.

The Reverend Rick Bonin, Licensed Presbyter


Deacon Douglas Stomberg

Deacon Doug Stomberg serves on the Diaconate of Holy Communion Anglican Church. In addition to his many years of ministry experience, he is a passionate writer, critic of secular culture, a skilled machinist, a loving husband and father of two sons.

Board of Directors

The Rev. Nathan Stomberg, President

Bob Bickerstaff, Vice President & Treasurer

Shawna Worden, Secretary

Adam Stomberg, Director

Barbara Bickerstaff, Director