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Topic: Worship

  • 12 March 2023

    The temptation in our hearts is always to worship things, places, and circumstances. The Israelites in Exodus 17 were preoccupied with things and circumstances. The Samaritan woman worshiped the place of Jacob’s well, and not the living God. The Israelites asked, “Is the LORD with us here?” The Samaritan woman asked Jesus, “Is the LORD with us anywhere else?” Just as Jesus challenged the woman, he challenges us daily to examine ourselves for anything which impedes our true worship of him.

  • 19 June 2022

    To paraphrase the late Dr. RC Sproul, we do not truly know who we are until we know who God truly is. Sproul’s greatest theological work as a minister of the Universal Church came in his clear explanation of the holiness of God, summarizing the fundamental difference between God and man with these words: “God is holy, and I am not.” We do not know ourselves because we do not know who God truly is. And if we do not know who God is, then how can we properly worship Him? Listen as the Rector examines our response to the God who is holy, holy, holy.