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Topic: Trinity

  • 19 June 2022

    To paraphrase the late Dr. RC Sproul, we do not truly know who we are until we know who God truly is. Sproul’s greatest theological work as a minister of the Universal Church came in his clear explanation of the holiness of God, summarizing the fundamental difference between God and man with these words: “God is holy, and I am not.” We do not know ourselves because we do not know who God truly is. And if we do not know who God is, then how can we properly worship Him? Listen as the Rector examines our response to the God who is holy, holy, holy.

  • 30 May 2021

    The Holy Trinity is a glorious mystery, the existence of God as one, in three Persons. There is no division or conflict within the Trinity, because it is an expression of God’s perfect love and unity. Listen as the Bishop-retired reflects on the glory of the Holy Trinity.