Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast

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Beloved, the darkness we see and hear all around us will not soon (if ever) dissipate, and yet there is a pure light shining into the darkness right now. At a time when the depths of depravity to which humanity can fall are so dramatically on display, the radiance of the grace filled humanity of Saint Mary the Virgin shines out even more magnificently, cutting through the darkness of sin and offering a beacon of hope.

Like Living Stones

As the Christian Church in America continues to slide into precipitous decline: It is no longer about your way or my way. It is about the LORD God Almighty’s way: God's “living stones,” interlocked, with love – God's love of us, our love of God, and our love of one another – binding us together with cords that cannot be broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

Because the LORD is at My Right Hand, I Shall Not Fall

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The Baptized live in God’s heart.  This is a Christian’s greatest trust.  This creates love and in love His People move towards the Triune-God.  If God the Father has given His own Son for all who believe, no one can accuse the saints, no one can condemn us, nothing in all creation can separate us from His immeasurable love .

The Church: The Bride of Christ, or Christian Social Club?

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Those of us who have (from an early age) spent our lives being active in Church life know that, as committed disciples of Jesus Christ, this endeavor can be a challenging, growing, difficult, learning and, yes, even a fun, joy-filled experience. These facts provide a snapshot into the reasons why many of us have been showing up at Holy Communion Anglican Church for the service of Holy Eucharist, week-after-week for just about a year now! We deeply desire to live the Christian life together with others who (in this very often hostile world) dare to let it be publicly known that they are Believers in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of the world.

Lent: The Long Retreat

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Beloved, the mystery of the human dilemma can be reduced into just a few words: We are created with an unbreakable approachableness to the Triune-God who made us in the divine image. Indeed, this relationship is the very foundation of our existence. Therefore, Lent is about the Truth and the truth of our very relationship to the Creator.