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Topic: Doubt

  • 16 April 2023

    Today is not ultimately about Thomas, it is about all of us. Thomas is the one who reminds us that the eyes of faith are far superior to the eyes of sight. The trials we face today are many. The doubts that we have are many. But Jesus comes to meet us in the middle of it all. May we always possess the eyes of faith to view our trials through the lens of the Resurrection.

  • 24 April 2022

    After Christ’s death, the disciples took refuge in the Upper Room. Without warning, the risen Christ appeared to them. Listen as the Rev. Galloway discusses Christ’s miraculous appearance and explains what it means for our lives. “Shalom,” Christ said, “Peace be with you.”

  • 19 December 2021

    Saint Thomas often gets a bad rap as “Doubting Thomas”. Are we really any better than Thomas ourselves? Listen as the Rector examines Saint Thomas in Luke’s narrative and what we can learn from his life and ministry.