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Book: Amos

  • 22 January 2023

    What can the US debt ceiling teach us about the Christian life? It demonstrates the attitude of our wider culture, even among Christians. We have no desire to do the hard work of self-examination and repentance. We don’t want to embrace the struggle of a life of holiness, following Christ. We just want more stuff! We want to be comfortable, and we don’t want to be reminded that we must be holy, just as God is holy.

  • 25 September 2022

    The rich man in Jesus’ parable about Lazarus isolated himself in his wealth, never inviting the poor and the lowly to join him. The rich man’s greed separated him from Abraham across a great chasm in the afterlife, which could never be crossed. Christians living in 21st century America should be careful to consider how we, like the rich man, might be allowing our own arrogance to prevent us from loving God and our neighbor.

  • 18 September 2022

    In our sinful nature, we naturally seek personal gain and prosperity over the Word of the Lord. We are tempted to fool God into thinking we are perfectly good (when we are not), just as we fool other people into thinking we are more righteous than they. But God will not be fooled by our human deceptions, and we cannot escape our own hypocrisy except through the Grace of Jesus Christ. Prosperity will always disappear, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.

  • 10 October 2021

    Why aren’t we more aware of this idea, the fleeting nature of life? The vast majority of our lives are spent in denial of our mortality, but Scripture constantly reminds us to do the opposite. The refrain from Psalm 90, verse 12 has incredibly wide-reaching implications: “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom” (Psalm 90:12). Psalm 90 sets the tone for all of our other readings this week, and verse 12 is the lens through which to read the other three passages, as well as our entire lives. Admitting that our time on earth is short is uncomfortable, but it’s not morbid. In fact, it’s required for living a proper Christian life. Watch as the Rector discusses the principle of numbering our days.

  • 11 July 2021

    Every day, there are many voices competing for our attention. Social media, television, friends, family, and finances are among those many competing voices. Through the chaos of life, we must remember that we will always become like those people or things we listen to most.