What do we mean when we talk about ‘lively faith’? In this episode, we discuss who we are and what our vision is for the Lively Faith podcast. We examine the differences between our generations (Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Millennial) and the unique challenges of reaching each group of people with the Gospel. We also explore the current challenges facing faithful Christians in a changing America as we look ahead to future topics of conversation.


(00:00) – Get to know the hosts

(04:55) – What is Lively Faith?

(13:35) – “Americanized” Christianity vs. historic Christianity

(22:00) – The role of popular myths and the importance of intellectual honesty

(29:57) – The Baby Boomer perspective

(37:39) – The Gen X perspective

(41:50) – Ministering to Baby Boomers

(47:10) – Ministering to Gen X

(55:03) – The honor of the Greatest Generation

(57:10) – The Millennial perspective

(01:06:33) – The Millennial culture of “safetyism”

(01:10:55) – Defining your own identity vs. God defining who you are

(01:14:27) – Not everyone is a “child of God”

(01:15:17) – Mark talks about ministry challenges from his career

(01:19:25) – Ministering to Millennials and beyond

(01:22:50) – We are living entirely virtual lives

(01:25:09) – The great call of Eucharistic traditions and incarnational community

(01:28:00) – Wrapping up and looking ahead

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